Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fiber Raku Kiln

New Raku Kiln
Expanded Metal and 2 " ceramic fiber
Recycled electric kiln section. Holes cut with shears and sheet rock saw - easy.
Connected with bots and washers
Top and bottom u channel was eventually replaced with aluminum.
Copper tubing re-enforces cover and allows a damper, drying pots and future chimney.
fastened section to floor for ease in moving (Heavy though)
Ceramic buttons cut with a tin can and fastened with kiln wire to expanded metal.
Cover is lifted with a pully system by assistant.
2" ceramic fiber rated at over cone 10..
Finished kiln. Had its maiden Raku firing at Bridgewater State College in April 10.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This new vessel is not new. Made a few years ago from red earthenware, it was burnished and pit fired with green foliage. The piece cracked in many places but the surface was so beautiful I was prompted to stow it away up on a tall shelf and not dump it. Recently, I have been taking cracked vessels, re-firing the pieces in different ways, and re-assembling them. I thought i would try it with this one. I had to re-break several pieces to get a decent composition. Missing pieces were replaced with solid brass rivets and the piece topped off with some copper leaf. Many, many hours of extra time evolved but, I am pleased.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Facebook blog

Welcome to my new Blog. I have had a Facebook Blog for a year or so with almost 800 subscribers or fans.
Please feel free to comment or leave a message or response to the posts.