Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This new vessel is not new. Made a few years ago from red earthenware, it was burnished and pit fired with green foliage. The piece cracked in many places but the surface was so beautiful I was prompted to stow it away up on a tall shelf and not dump it. Recently, I have been taking cracked vessels, re-firing the pieces in different ways, and re-assembling them. I thought i would try it with this one. I had to re-break several pieces to get a decent composition. Missing pieces were replaced with solid brass rivets and the piece topped off with some copper leaf. Many, many hours of extra time evolved but, I am pleased.


  1. Hey Ron cool work and blog. I'll link you on mine.
    In the 70's I had a gallery in Calif. people were always dropping and breaking pieces in the shop. One day while sweeping up a teapot I decided to have some fun. I put the pieces in a bag and labeled it "Pottery Puzzle". I priced it at 1.00 and put it on the shelf. It sold immediately. I started sweeping up all breakage selling them as puzzles and offering to trade a new piece for anyone that would assemble one and bring it back. Several people brought them back to show me but no one would give up their puzzle after spending hours putting them together.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Freeman and the story..